Free Health Care is Not the Solution

It’s hard to see the link between the sick and the living when we have free time, but sometimes, we have to remember that health is a choice. It’s not an accident that when they say you’re either with them or against them, they mean you are for a healthy life or you are against a healthy life.

When it comes to the future of health care in this country, the future looks bleak. As a matter of fact, most people in Washington are clueless about what is happening or what should be done. But when it comes to the health of those that are in their offices, they seem to be particularly clueless.

So, who is actually accountable to us as Americans? The federal government, or the American people? If we think that the federal government is the government for the United States, then it’s time we paid attention.

One of the things that is happening that is very alarming is the health care being provided by government employees is dangerously and disproportionately, becoming more expensive. Yes, you heard me right. Our own doctors are now billed more money than private insurance companies.

You would think that if the American people were well informed about what was going on, then something would have been done to fix it. However, those that lead the charge on issues like this are not exactly leaders in our country. Instead, they are up in congress calling for reform.

However, what the potential health care reform will do is allow for insurance companies to be allowed to charge a person more for pre-existing conditions and the increase in premiums will only get worse. This is just one of the many ways that the health care system has been turned into a profit center.

It is now easier than ever for those with preexisting conditions to get charged more than a healthy person for health care costs. There is also no reason to think that we as a nation are concerned about the rising cost of health care. So, why is the government not doing something about it?

Think about it. Would you rather be for health care reform and allow your health care costs to skyrocket? Or, you might be for health care reform and not allow the health care costs to skyrocket.

You can easily take control of your health care costs by doing something a little bit proactive. First, realize that in order to fix health care, we must first fix the American Health Care system. The reasons are quite simple.

Most Americans do not really understand what health care actually is, let alone what the government does to help keep us healthy. We want free medical care, and for the most part, we get it. However, our health is still treated as a commodity, and once we are sick, we get sent back to the doctor for treatment until we can afford our doctor visits.

The patients are simply there to fill the doctor’s office, and then they go home. This results in enormous amounts of sick time and the inability to attend to other important things. Yet, the sickest patients can expect to be sent home and work on sick time for at least a few days while they get better.

While I am not a doctor, I can say without a doubt that having a quality health care system can be very scary for someone that is ill. We have very low levels of money going to health care and the cost is increasing. Our government seems to have no plans to change these facts.

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